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Credit Rating

Maintaining a good credit rating requires you to pay all of your accounts at the specified payment and on time.  If you have difficulty paying a bill that you owe it is important you contact the creditor immediately to explain your problem and make mutually acceptable alternate payments until you can get caught up.  Ignoring the problem will result in a poor credit rating.  Your rating depends on a number of factors including whether you pay your bills on time or not.

It is recommended that you obtain a copy of your credit report annually to check for incorrect information or more frequently if you have requested a change to the information posted or suspect identity theft.  

Remember that only errors can be corrected – having your credit rating ‘repaired’ is not possible if you have missed payments or have had accounts in collection.  Only time and good payment habits can improve your rating.

Credit reports are free if you request them by mail or in person. There are two credit reporting agencies in Canada and you should check with both. The links below will provide you with the forms to complete to obtain a copy of your credit report. 

Credit Reporting Agencies

If you would like more information on credit reports and credit scoring go to Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

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