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Credit Counselling Service Accreditation and Standards of Excellence

Consumers with questions have enough to worry about without struggling to differentiate between the merits of various organizations which provide help. When trying to find answers it is essential to find an organization that you can trust. That's why accreditation is so important and why Credit Counselling Canada requires it of all member agencies.

Simply put, our members' not-for-profit status coupled with CCC's accreditation measures assures compliance to the highest ethical standards and best business practices, assuring a top-notch credit counselling service experience. For you the consumer, this guarantees the best possible results. In instances where a Credit Counselling Canada member agency is assisting you with your debt, you can rest assured that all payments will reach your creditors - with no favoritism, no hidden fees, commissions or charges.

Credit Counselling Canada uses outcome-based assessment tools to enforce uniform operational standards of member agencies across Canada. We regulate and monitor:

  • Organizational Integrity
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Risk Management
  • Human Resources
  • Program Delivery

In addition to ongoing compliance to rigorous standards at the organizational level, the quality of service by credit counselling staff is also assured. All counselling staff must achieve an Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada® designation and comply with CCC's code of Ethics and Standards of Practice established and monitored by our accreditation process.

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